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Wrong fuel in car in North Dorset?

Whether you have put petrol in your diesel car in North Dorset, or diesel in your petrol car in North Dorset, our North Dorset team of specially trained technicians can help you get back on the road in no time! Even if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your motorbike in North Dorset, or wrong fuel in your van in North Dorset; FuelTech can help!

North Dorset technicians are waiting for your call

01202 802829

Wrong fuel in your car in North Dorset
Wrong fuel in your car in North Dorset

So, you’ve put the wrong fuel in car in
North Dorset – what should you do?

  1. To start with, don’t Panic – surprisingly it’s a very common problem putting the wrong fuel in your car in North Dorset is – we see it a lot, and we help a lot of people!
  2. Furthermore, Turn your engine off, don’t attempt to move your vehicle as you risk the wrong fuel circulating into the engine which could cause permanent damage.
  3. Finally – Give one of the team a call on 01202 802829 and let them know:
  • Firstly, your Location (You can use our “Find me” service if you’re not sure where you are – use the finder tool on our homepage)
  • Then, the Make, Model and Colour of your vehicle
  • And finally, how much fuel roughly you put in the car before you realised so that our technicians have a rough idea how much fuel needs to be removed from the vehicle.

15 minute mobile
North Dorset fuel drain

Once our North Dorset based mobile fuel drain technician reaches you they will drain your vehicle within 15 minutes. Indeed it doesn’t matter if you’ve put petrol in your diesel car or diesel in your petrol car, our technicians will get you back on the move again in no time. Additionally, in carrying out a fuel drain in North Dorset, our team have SPA passport accreditation, which allows us to drain your car anywhere, including a petrol station forecourt.

Wrong fuel in your car in North Dorset
Wrong fuel in your car in North Dorset

24 hour service in North Dorset

When you’ve filled up with the wrong fuel and need a fuel drain in North Dorset, FuelTech will arrange an extremely quick 24 hour call out service. Thus, one of our highly qualified misfuelling engineers will aim to reach you, wherever you are in North Dorset or the surrounding areas, within an hour (response time depends upon your location).

Finally, just give us a ring on 01202 802829 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

How much will it cost to carry out a fuel drain in North Dorset when I have put the wrong fuel in my car?

It’s not as expensive as you’d think to drain your fuel when you’ve put petrol in your diesel car, or diesel in your petrol car. Comparatively, You can expect to pay between £120 and £150 for one of our professional fuel drain engineers to turn up and sort your vehicle out. Depending on the scenario you have found yourself in when you’ve put the wrong fuel in car in North Dorset. Almost all the vehicles we drain are a “normal” scenario, but there are some less common ones, and you can read about these here

Wrong fuel in your car in North Dorset

FuelTech – Wrong Fuel in car in North Dorset – Fuel Drain Technicians

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car, before doing anything, call one of our qualified team in the North Dorset area. We have technicians which cover all of the North Dorset area including:

Alcester – Aller – Anderson – Ansty – Ansty Cross – Ash – Ashmore – Bagber – Bedchester – Belchalwell – Belchalwell Street – Birch Close – Bittles Green – Blandford Camp – Blandford Forum – Blandford St Mary – Bourton – Bowridge Hill – Broad Oak – Bryanston – Buckhorn Weston – Bugley – Cann – Cann Common – Charlton Marshall – Charlton on the Hill – Chettle – Child Okeford – Colesbrook – Compton Abbas – Droop – Dunbury – Durweston – East Melbury – East Orchard – East Pulham – East Stour – East Stour Common – Eccliffe – Elm Hill – Enmore Green – Farnham – Farrington – Fiddleford – Fifehead Magdalen – Fifehead Neville – Fifehead St Quintin – Fontmell Magna – Fontmell Parva – Gannetts – Gibbs Marsh – Gillingham – Glanvilles Wootton – Glue Hill – Guy’s Marsh – Hains – Ham Common – Hammoon – Hanford – Hartgrove – Hartmoor – Haydon – Hazelbury Bryan – Hedge End – Higher Ansty – Higher Nyland – Higher Whatcombe – Hilton – Hinton St Mary – Hogstock – Hopsfield – Huntingford – Ibberton – Ivy Cross – Iwerne Minster – King’s Stag – Kingston – Kington Magna – Kitford – Kit Hill – Knackers Hole – Langham – Langton Long Blandford – Leigh – Little Ansty / Pleck – Littleton – Lodbourne – Long Cross – Lower Ansty – Lower Blandford St Mary – Lower Nyland – Lower Street – Lower Whatcombe – Lydlinch – Madjeston – Manston – Mappowder – Margaret Marsh – Marnhull – Melbury Abbas – Milborne St Andrew – Milton Abbas – Milton on Stour – Moorside – Motcombe – Mounters – Newland – Newton – Newtown – New Town – North End – Okeford Fitzpaine – Osehill Green – Packers Hill – Park Gate – Peacemarsh – Pidney – Pillwell – Pimperne – Pleck – Pleck – Poolestown – Pulham – Puxey – Quarleston – Quarr – Queen Oak – Ranston – Rivers’ Corner – Rixon – Rolls Mill – Shaftesbury – Shillingstone – Shothole – Shroton / Iwerne Courtney – Silton – Spetisbury – Stalbridge – Stalbridge Weston – Steepleton Iwerne – St James – Stoke Wake – Stourpaine – Stour Provost – Stour Row – Stourton Caundle – Stubhampton – Sturminster Common – Sturminster Newton – Sutton Waldron – Tarrant Crawford – Tarrant Gunville – Tarrant Hinton – Tarrant Keyneston – Tarrant Launceston – Tarrant Monkton – Tarrant Rawston – Tarrant Rushton – The Common – The Folly – Thornicombe – Todber – Tollard Farnham – Turnworth – Twyford – Walton Elm – Well Bottom – West Bourton – West End – Westfields – West Melbury – West Orchard – West Pulham – West Stour – Winterborne Clenston – Winterborne Houghton – Winterborne Kingston – Winterborne Muston – Winterborne Stickland – Winterborne Tomson – Winterborne Whitechurch – Winterborne Zelston – Wonston – Woodbridge – Woodrow – Woodville – Woolland – Wyke