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Fuel drain FAQ

Fuel drain FAQ – not sure what a fuel drain is, or want to know more about them? Have a look at our fuel drain faq section below to see the common questions and answers surrounding fuel draining.

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fuel drain faq
fuel drain faq

What is a fuel drain?

A fuel drain is just as you’d expect. It’s the process of removing fuel from a vehicle and disposing of it safely. If a vehicle has not been run on the wrong fuel, then it could be as simple as just syphoning the fuel from the tank via the filler neck. New vehicles tend to have anti syphon systems which make fuel syphoning somewhat more difficult as well as ever advancing technologies in vehicles e.g. vehicles having more than one fuel tank.

What is misfuelling?

Misfuelling, put simply, is when petrol has been put in a diesel car, or diesel has been put in a petrol car.

How long does a fuel drain take?

Our experienced FuelTech technicians aim to have you back on the road in an hour or arriving with you. It is possible that if the vehicle hasn’t been started (i.e. you have filled up at the petrol station and realised before driving anywhere) that the fuel can be drained in a 20 minute period. It all depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the fuel technology the vehicle is working with – sometimes it is a slower process and can take up to an hour to drain out. If the vehicle has been run then this will add further time to the job as the fuel system needs to be flushed through which can take up to 30 minutes. Our technicians will always do the best to have you on the move as quickly, and cost effectively, as possible!

fuel drain faq
fuel drain faq

Will I need to take my vehicle to a garage / mechanic after my fuel drain?

The purpose of the fuel drain is to remove either diesel fuel from a petrol tank, or petrol fuel from a diesel tank, so that you can get back on the road again. There should be no need for you to take your car to a garage providing that the engine hasn’t been started, and the car hasn’t been driven. We would recommend that after a fuel drain that the vehicle is taken to a garage, or mechanic, for a regulation service to change the fuel filter, oil filter etc. We would recommend that you follow the guidance of your individual manufacturers.

Will my vehicle need recovering?

It depends where the vehicle has broken down. If the vehicle is on a forecourt of a petrol station, or on the side of a minor road, and can be accessed safely by our experienced technicians, then No, your vehicle will not need recovering.

If you have broken down in the middle of the motorway (yes it does happen!) then we will most likely require you to contact a recovery company to move the vehicle to a safe location so that our technician can drain your vehicle without risk. As with any breakdown on a motorway we advise that you follow normal protocol which is to leave your vehicle and get to a safe location e.g. behind the barrier on the motorway.

Have I ruined my engine?

It’s very unlikely you have wrecked anything providing you haven’t driven away. If you have driven away you will need to stop as quickly as possible to make sure that no further damage is caused to the engine and call one of our technicians.

fuel drain faq
fuel drain faq

I have been told that I can just top up the wrong fuel with the right fuel –

how much can I get away with?

The short answer is NONE. Both Petrol, and Diesel, have different properties within engine environments. Diesel has lubricating properties and petrol does not. Putting Petrol in a diesel engine without this lubrication could cause damage to key parts of the diesel engine which in turn might need replacing which can be very expensive. Diesel does not burn off in a petrol car and can work it’s way into the vehicles oil supply which can dilute the fuel and lead to complete engine seizure. You can read more here on this article

Is my fuel drain covered by my insurance?

Some insurers will cover the cost of a fuel drain, but the majority will not. This GoCompare article – covers how to look for a motor insurer who will insure against misfuelling.

If your not sure how much your fuel drain is going to cost, perhaps you could have a look at our page on “how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank”.

fuel drain faq
fuel drain faq

I have been told that due to the manufacturer of my car that the fuel tank cannot be properly drained. Can FuelTech help me?

Obviously modern cars carry more of a challenge due to the increasing fuel technology which is used, however, our technicians are extremely experienced and are equipped to deal with all vehicles.

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