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how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank


So how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank?

How much will it cost to drain my fuel tank? For most situations, you will just need a professional fuel drain which costs between £120 – £150 by one of our experienced technicians. There are of course other situations which might result in a higher cost, and these are detailed below.

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What are the normal situations and how much will it cost?

When asked “how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank?” there are several normal situations which shouldn’t have too much effect on the price. These are:

Situation 1:

You are filling your car up at the petrol station and realise half way through you’ve picked up the wrong pump and have put either petrol in your diesel car, or diesel in your petrol car. You stop, pull the pump out and put it back in it’s cradle. You haven’t started the engine or driven the vehicle. Our experienced technicians will be able to quite simply pull up and drain your fuel tank for you. If you have a commercial vehicle then there is likely to be more fuel to be drained and this will affect the service cost.

Situation 2:

You’ve put either diesel in your petrol car or petrol in your diesel car, have paid for your fuel and then tried to start the engine, but failed.

As you have tried to start the engine this will have pushed fuel around the engine which will make the job for our technicians slightly more difficult as the fuel will need to be extracted, but also the engine will need cleaning through to remove any excess fuel. Once this has happened the car can be refuelled with the correct fuel and the engine can be started. One thing to bear in mind is that the ECU in the vehicle may need to be reset if the engine management system has picked up a fault as a result of the wrong fuel being put in the vehicle. This situation will affect the baseline cost as there is more work involved by one of our experienced technicians to remove and fuel residue in the car.

Situation 3:

You’ve put either diesel in your petrol car or petrol in your diesel car, have paid for your fuel, started the engine, and driven off, only to break down just down the road. This situation usually occurs when the correct fuel has been topped up with the incorrect fuel. The vehicle may work correctly for up to 3 miles, but will usually stop running all together after this distance. This usually results in an obstruction in the road for other vehicles. This type of situation requires one of our skilled technicians to be with your vehicle for longer as there is a lot more to clean within the engine, and therefore will result in a higher cost.

how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank

What are the less common situations which results in higher costs?

When being asked “how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank?” we have witnessed on some occasions, that the following situations, result in a higher cost to the motorist.

Situation 1:

You aren’t aware of mobile fuel drain services and have not been informed by the garage forecourt, family member, or friend. You may then call your breakdown company, or insurance company, who will send out somebody who may not have specialist knowledge of fuel draining, or even have your vehicle towed to a local mechanic or dealer. This situation usually takes longer and costs more money than if you were to just call one of our experienced engineers.

Situation 2:

You have been told that if you fill the car up with the correct fuel, that it will dilute the incorrect fuel, and this will solve the problem. This is not the case. This misinformation will lead to further damage. If you’ve put petrol in a diesel engine, the petrol can act as a solvent, which can damage the internal seals in the engine and as petrol doesn’t act as a lubricant like diesel, can cause excessive wear of moving parts in the engine.

So, to respond to your question of “how much does it cost to drain a fuel tank?” the fact is that it really does depend on the situation which you find yourself in. If you contact one of our experienced fuel drain technicians, they will be able to give you an idea on price, depending on the situation you find yourself in.

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how much will it cost to drain my fuel tank